Dibanisa Lesson: Marine Big 5

On Thursday, the boys started off by playing their Coaches Across Continent games fake watches (photos to follow) teaching them about the importance of each animal within a marine ecosystem.

On Friday, we went to the Great White House to Visit the Dyer Island Conservation Trust . Alouise presented the lesson, telling the boys more about the Gansbaai area and what makes it so special. They learnt more about the cold Bengeula and warm Agulhas currents which meet at the Southern coast of Africa, causing the amazing biodiversity that we see along our shoreline.

Alouise told the boys about each of the species of the Marine Big 5,
rolex replica watches with an illustration of why that animal is important to the ecosystem and why it is then important to conserve the animal and what it would mean if that animal was extinct.

To end off the lesson, the boys the boys all participated in the “Seamonster Challenge”! They received a drawing of a skeleton and the boys had to draw the scariest seamonster they could think of!

Afterwards, Alouise told the boys that the skeleton belonged to a whale
cartier replica watches and showed the skeleton hanging from the roof in the Great White House.

Thanks to Alouise, DICT and the Great White House for hosting us, to Susan for driving to Tasha, Erika and Mzi for accompanying the boys and to Susan for picking them up and dropping them off.