About Us


Working together to make a difference

Recognizing the need for social and football development in South Africa, the Football Foundation of South Africa, a non profit organization, was founded not only to promote the game but to uplift the people of this beautiful and diverse country. The FFSA was established in January 2008 by Sir Dave Richards, Chairman of the English Premier League. It is funded by the Premier League and directs funds into grassroots sports and youth development in South Africa.

The strategy is to identify projects, find suitable partners from within the local communities and provide them with access to finance and other crucial resources, thereby ensuring that such projects produce the desired results and are sustainable into the future – to leave a legacy after the 2010 World Cup.

The projects we are associated with are vibrant, self sustained and driven by professional partners who have the abilities and talents to expand them.  The projects impact the key benefit areas for the communities of South Africa and fulfill our goal of bringing professionalism to youth and football development.

The Foundation is opening doors for many young people in disadvantaged communities in SA; distant dreams of success in life can now become a reality.